Fiat Multipla.jpg

Fiat Multipla

Beautifully fugly 

Like a fat woman’s foot in a small shoe, yet also widely recognised within the car design community as a truly fine design in aesthetic as well as function. Almost wilfully uncomfortable to most eyes with tall and up-right glazing, and a double-chin hood / bonnet contrary to desirable proportions — and sitting within a tall short frame also. But there was love and skill that delivered such a refined ensemble of form and graphic and detail, and there was exceptional functional design: tiny convex mirrors augmented standard door mirrors; super low sight-lines from the deep cabin glazing; door stops integrated into door handles — and six full size seats and a large trunk within 4 metres (the length of a Volkswagen Polo!).

The Multipla was a measurably brilliant design that side-stepped the commercial imperative to not not appeal to people more so than any 21st century mass market car design.  And owners waved at one another — like no other MPV ever.  Giolito brilliance.