Audi TT 2.jpg

Audi TT

A vision of the future that held up its distant past.

The realisation of a theme designer Freeman Thomas had been sketching since he was at Porsche, yet also uniquely connecting 60 year-old design signatures from the Rosemeyer (that itself was literally reincarnated as the Rosemeyer concept by J Mays - thus forming a bridge to the TT) whilst also being the most cutting edge production car of its time. A unique trick to pull off that we’d bet no other design has done or will do so well.

Super crisp creases (in part afforded by a new metal fabrication process on the rear fender) and controlled, near geometric volumes, all perfectly balanced and complemented by strong graphics and details — and an interior was way more than a footnote too; an amazing piece of work by Romulus Rost.

A peach of a design in its own right as well being a design that so boldly looked forwards whilst respecting the past.