Fiat Osca.jpg

Fiat Osca

Uniquely special normal, and with the fingerprints of more Italian design royalty than any other  

The Fiat Osca uniquely comes from the four corners of Italian car mastery: race-cars; advanced mass-made cars; beautifully designed cars; hand made low-volume cars — at a time when the nation arguably was at its zenith in each of these areas.  

Conceived by one of the automotive design engineering giants of 20th century: Dante Giacosa, who was behind pioneering mid-twentieth century Fiat cars including the 600, 500, 124 and 128. Powered by a race-derived engine created by the Maserati brothers. And designed and manufactured by Pininfarina. And, to top it all, its form conjures that uniquely Italian design quality of special-normalness