honda civic 3.jpg

Honda Civic 3

Perhaps the definitive Honda design

The 1983 Civic, in hatchback form, was born of advanced engineering, was conceptually fresh, and was simple of form — twenty years after the company’s first car, eleven years after the first Civic made them a force to contend with, here was a design that defined the brand.
A low short nose (enabled by a technically more advanced and compact engine than competitors) combined with a long roof and upright rear (that made it as much wagon as hatchback) to give the Civic unique proportions. Clean lines and surfaces aligned front and side and rear; everything in harmony, everything considered. And a tailgate dropping its glazing all the way to a full-width light band was properly pioneering. A simply distinct and faultless exterior design.
Inside was similarly simple, low-set, integrated and step-ahead. And its siblings were design leaders too: the Shuttle was the world first compact MPV whilst the CRX petite two-seat sports coupe was just the sweetest thing.  
The 3rd generation Civic: one of the most purist of car designs as well as a defining Honda design.