Nissan Micra K11

The first consciously 'cute' car design

Announced in 1992 the second generation Micra (or ‘March’ in Japan) was the first car design that set out to be ‘cute’. The classic Mini and Fiat 500, and other diminutive and round-of-form cars, may have been cute designs also, but they were cute because of their small proportions born of economic imperatives and engineering solutions of the time, and because their form that was (at least retrospectively) anthropomorphic and rotund as fashion then dictated. They were not designed to look cuddly, but the Micra was. 

The K11 replaced the orthodox first generation Micra design, it was a mainstream small hatchback from a mainstream car brand, a practical and modern rationale design, but it was immaculately realised in slightly cuddly form inside and out. And its was the first to do so.