Porsche 944.jpg

Porsche 944

Fender breadth defined its sporting prowess

The 944 of 1982 was a Porsche 924 with a more powerful engine and a slightly wider track and fenders — just as around the same time the Quattro was to the Coupe, the M3 was to the 3 series, the Integrale was to the HF (and the Jalpa was to the Urraco and the 288 GTO was to the 308 - kinda). This added breadth, and with it a more planted stance, defined the sporting prowess of the design — it turned the slightly effete original 924 into a more ‘means business’ design, just as it did too for the other eighties designs that gained fender width over their ‘cooking’ cousins. And it much contributed to the way that the volume of the lower body visually dominated the small upper cabin of the 944 to further underscore its true sports car proportions akin to a front engined Ferrari, Corvette, or Jaguar sports car — despite being such a compact design (it’s a smaller car than the Porsche 993).
An overlooked gem of a design, and one that epitomised a period trend where conspicuously increased fender breadth defined sporting prowess.