Porsche 911 Carrera 4S 2.jpg

Porsche 992

Brand building through design like no other. 

As the Porsche 997 was to the 996, so the 992 is to the 991. Shared core structure, underbody, glass and most other components, but with most of what you can see and touch slightly new and different.  Thematically as well as physically the relationship is also much the same: the 997 brought ‘classic’ lights back and introduced more ‘butchness’ with wider rear wheel arches, larger wheels and squarer graphics; so the 992 also has bigger wheels and broader hips than its predecessor and more square jowls, and introduces the hood slot recess of the original 911 to chime back in time whilst marching forwards. It also sings from the 997 playbook in the way that it elevates perceived quality relative to its predecessor with some very finely hewn touch-points (door handles, inside and out, excepted). 

So this then is where Porsche shows leading design practice: subtly reasserting design heritage whilst iteratively increasing visual potency, modernity and premium-lux qualities, and all the time preserving the core unchanged —knowing where and how much to move on, and where and how much to stay committed.  This is brand building through design like no other.