Renault Twizy.jpg

Renault Twizy

The most un-car car design 

Arguably the most un-car-like car design in decades: a super small electric quadricycle with two tandem seats, and wheels standing outboard of a slender open-sided volume, topped with a cute round-eyed face. Nothing else like it. 

On the minus side the Twizy marries the tight accommodation and open to the elements qualities of a large scooter with the performance and manoeuvrability of a small car — the worst of both worlds. Yet it is a bit more weather proof and far more crash proof that a two-wheel vehicle, and its smaller than a small car foot-print is useful sometimes. It also has a right-sized-ness for the centres’ of European cities — no bit of it is optimised for the autobahn — and a compellingly fun to travel in proposition despite its minimalist for-good-reason architecture. And it looks like it could be a key design type for a maturing car-share market, with other brands beginning to show interest in the electric quadricycle space.  

A fun and incredibly un-car-like 2012 design that hasn’t exactly flown out of the shops, but maybe a design that should still be taken seriously.