Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

Modest luxury; unassuming comportment

Luxury car design today is a very ‘shouty’ thing; there is so much of it about that luxury car companies think that if they are too quiet no one will notice them. But luxury didn’t used to be so look-at-me. When it was a rarer thing it could be a little more gentle in announcing itself; often luxury was quite unassuming in its comportment.

Half a century ago the Rolls Royce Shadow — and even more so its Bentley twin, the T1 and later T2 with soft edged grille and no flying lady — were just that; luxury cars that spoke quietly, their conventional 3-box silhouette and subtle detailing was reserved good taste like no Rolls or Bentley since.

 Might not there today be a niche for the unassuming comportment of modest luxury?