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February 2015

A new Golden Age of design?

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The Geneva International Motor Show, always a showcase for bespoke and luxury one-offs and concepts, is gearing up for an unprecedented year in 2015. With more than a dozen big-name super, hyper, and track-only cars from major manufacturers scheduled to be unveiled, there is a distinct disconnect to the struggling economy around Europe and the world in general. Logically however, these cars are coming at a time when wealth inequality around the world is at levels unseen since the 1920s and '30s. In that era, the top end of the car market was truly spectacular, so do these supercars represent a new "Golden Age" of luxury automobiles?


What’s in a name?

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A brief hop to Munich this week, and a visit to the BMW museum, got me thinking about car names. Not how they come about, are dreamt up and used. But how they are displayed on the car – and become a critical part of its design identity.

BMW has – for at least the past five generation of its core cars – used the same Eurostile extended medium typeface for the numbered model badging on its cars. The quintessential ‘320d’ that’s such a common sight across Europe today.


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